BOD’s Message

Faqir Zaman Ltd is an imported pharmaceutical company. This office was established in 1990 with the necessary plans and facilities. Faqir Zaman Ltd with its facilities in the field of pharmaceutical activity and access to import and distribution management tried to enter the market with a separate method and different management performance. The Faqir Zaman Administration’s mission is to make a significant difference in the import and sale of medicines.

The implementation of this mission is done by continuously researching and analysing the services of this sector in a way that flows in the market of medicine sales, and by identifying the challenges and understanding the expectations of the people, the need for a company with differences in vision and commitments beyond a commercial company.

In addition to the past, the founders of this institution have had enough cultural, commercial, managerial, logistical, advertising and, most importantly, sufficient experience in providing medical services, taking into account the analysis of the country’s political situation to strengthen the private sector and positive thinking and purposeful service. The establishment of this institution, try to generalize their activities over time with a moral commitment and legal agreement to the implementation of this program and cause a significant change with the help of God in the field of providing medical services.

Board of Directorate

Faqir Zaman LTD