The firm is providing services in the entire Afghanistan during the establishment and development stages and will extend its services beyond the boundaries of Afghanistan during the excellence stage. As    Faqir Zaman Pharmaceutical ,(Pvt) Co Ltd, has distribution branches in the following major and big cities of Afghanistan, that other small cities and provinces are covered by these sale branches.

 Faqir Zaman Pharmaceutical ,(PVT) Ltd: is a Medicine provider and Distributing Company registered as a limited company started its activities under the regulations of Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Health of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Faqir Zaman Pharmaceutical ,(PVT) Ltd was established by a group of qualified team in 1990, with intention of providing and importing various quality products in pharmaceutical and medical equipment, Faqir Zaman Pharmaceutical ,(PVT) Ltd is registered for profit as private Medical firm functioning independently under a valid license number (0101-10468) – (cod # 0101)  Asia ( D-20092 )  issued by Business licensing department of Ministry of Commerce of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Faqir Zaman Pharmaceutical, (Pvt) Ltd is the official with the exclusivity rights the distributor of five following companies in Afghanistan

Faqir Zaman Pharmaceutical ,is proud to own highly trained team of doctors, medical engineers, pharmacists, and technicians serving manufacturing, supply, distribution, services… Dedicated staff of the company based on professional experience and firm commitment, has been able to have the honor of experiencing no sanctions/fines imposed during implementation and completion of the contracts. It is worth mentioning that upon request, we are committed to provide any documentary evidence/information/ certification as prove of our past performance.

Medicines Hospital
Chemical Material
Surgical Equipment,
Hospital Bed &Wheel Chairs,
Stretcher & First Aid
Medical Machinery



Faqir Zaman Pharmaceutical ,(PVT) Co LTD is committed to provide quality services and supplies through its expertise and capacity to contribute in the development processes and enhance its business in a meaningful balanced way.


To contribute to the improvement of living conditions and health status Afghans To enhance its business for further investments To actively take part in the development processes and contribute to poverty reduction through provision of job opportunities for Afghans in its territory To contribute to the capacity and knowledge of Afghan professionals and up grade the health system and infrastructure of Afghanistan


Dreaming a day where Afghanistan is a good partner and supporter of the world wide community and be able to contribute the peace keeping missions every where along with its allies.